I recently traveled to Boise, Idaho to a Viral Launch Party hosted by ClickFunnels. A platform that was cleverly created by Russell Brunson and his team to help navigate a seamless marketing funnel to increase sales for any business. The event was attended by Social Media Influencers, marketing gurus, brand owners, and creatives from around the world. Individuals looking to leverage their Instagram influence or Snapchat celebrity through strategies recommended by Russell and his invited guests. Amongst his guests included The Harmon Brothers and Gary Vaynerchuck. The Harmon Brothers were chosen to produce the Viral Video that would be released at this event, and the quality of the video and the presentation of the event did not disappoint. Russell shared terrific insight on the things that inspired his latest publication, Expert Secrets, and how every movement in history has had 3 key parts – Great Leader, Futuristic Cause, and Vehicle for Change. The information Russell and the Harmon Brothers provided was awesome, but there’s no secret that a majority of this audience was there for Russell’s other guest, Gary Vee and he did not disappoint. I’ve been asked multiple times by many to share some of the takeaways from the event. After doing this a few times, I decided to write a blog about my experience for everyone to read. I’ve included his actual quotations, and my extended interpretation of his words. I hope you find the talk as informative and insightful as I did.

10. “Social Media is making people do things they never would of done.”

Social Media is driving people to do things they would of never done if not for the fact that they are investing in their own PR and the social media lottery, in which every post has the opportunity to change your life. This pursuit of capturing great moments drives people to climb mountains, go to more festivals, more concerts, attend more sporting events because they’re trying to capture that next moment that could change their life.

9. “Headline Reader vs Practioner”

What does that even mean? Gary gave an extraordinary example of how a Headline Reader may see or even hear that Snap Chat is dead and believes it. The Practitioner who’s actually utilizing the app, realizes that because momentum is down, ads are being sold for very cheap and its a very economical way to reach a demographic that you may not have been able to reach before.

8. “If you want to Win, Taste Everything.”

This was in response to an overwhelming amount of people in the room relating that they were not familiar to the Facebook Watch Platform, and hasn’t watched anything on it yet. His, sentiments were that, if you came all the way to Boise to WIN, why haven’t you checked out this new platform. He also noted that he plays in that arena. Essentially ahead of the game when it comes to new mediums. Gary announced his plans to launch his own show on Facebook Watch soon.

7. “DO, DO, DO and Don’t get Fancy.”

The admonishment here was that so many people in the room taste a little success, and they want to get fancy. In other words, they want to stop doing the things that got them there. Taste, do, and Don’t get fancy.

6. “Pillars of communications won’t change -Written word, Audio, and Visual.”

People should bet more on their strengths and surround themselves less with their weaknesses. Good writers stand a great chance at winning through long-form Facebook post. Gary reveals that he had ghostwriters for his 5 books, because he hates reading and writing.

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